In 1996 BellaRosa is born. It is an Ecuadorian company that seeks to transmit the beauty of this country to the world through roses. The farm, 52 hectares of extension, is surrounded by an amazing landscape, where the Cayambe volcano can be admired: Perfect scenario for our visitors to have an amazing experience.


Our facilities, our strategically location and the warm heart of our people give us the honor of being visited by touristic groups, diplomats, celebrities, friends interested in getting to know what our beautiful country has to offer.


Our philosophy of excellence and continuous improvement is underscored in each stage of production, from planting to harvest. Our plants are constantly monitored for fertilization and pest control, leading to optimum production. Attention to detail, careful nurturing, and follow through assure the beauty and quality of our roses.


 We have high standards of social, environmental and quality responsibility.

We continually improve on all our processes.

We have the following certifications:


BellaRosa is interested and enjoys being in permanent contact with clients and friends, giving information about the company and the country. Prove of that is that the designing of this section allows clients to plan their visit to Ecuador and to our farm.

Tourist visit

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