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Our technology-based rose farm has a unique location at 9500 ft above sea level. This grants unrepeatable atmospheric conditions that directly favor the growth and quality of our roses. This has also brought challenges, such as fungal diseases due to the characteristic altitude humidity. To fight this sustainably, our in-house lab experts have developed efficient pesticides, anti-fungal treatments, and other solutions based on microbiological research. So far, we are proud to highly innovate in our flower production processes.

Innovation is one of the fundamentals of our corporate culture, as we develop several kinds of agricultural solutions research based on our own fields and products as we permanently monitor our floral progress health-wise. The data obtained from these practices is key to new critical technical findings. In addition, we sincerely intend to reduce our environmental footprint by using organic elements obtained from our own harvests. Our main goal is to achieve healthier crops for even greater flowers.


Finally, we are also capable of sharing our best practices with the world. They are based on inspiring others with the beauty and efficiency that best represent us. We are happy to show the results of several years of research and innovation and unique rose beauty perfection. Visit our online catalog to learn more about how we cultivate innovation and harvest scientifically proven beauty flowers. 

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